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My design philosophy distinguishes between buildings that are built and occupied and buildings that are lived in.  The very reason for a building – the client’s business objectives and needs – is the focal point of any design.  I believe in reaching beyond the traditional and mainstream design trends to create a unique office space that the client feels comfortable working as well as living in.  I value relationships and partnerships, and ultimately a shared understanding that reflects the client’s mission, culture, community, and ideals. 


Bobby Hill | Owner

Having been a principal in a national “Top 50-Design Firm” in Dallas, Texas, I learned how to perform efficiently while applying myself to many different projects simultaneously.  While my own projects were a priority, I was also responsible for overseeing and directing numerous other jobs as a named partner.  The demand of running a business with 25 – 30 employees left me feeling restricted at times.

Now operating as my own firm for the last 25 years and using consultants and contract support as needed and/or as the projects require. My clients’ receive over 45 years of experience on all phases of the work while receiving invaluable individual attention. 


Each party benefits from the continuity and guarantee that I am fully in charge of running the job.  My lack of restrictions helps creative energy to burn while you, the client, give me the necessary fuel to persevere.  

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