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Colorado Springs, CO

Farm-inspired, open kitchen and mercantile.

Colorado Craft Social
Colorado Springs, CO

Remodel from the Ritz to Colorado Craft, which is a modern restaurant concept designed to showcase the best of Colorado’s breweries, distilleries, farms and purveyors. Our chef has taken his seasonal and diverse cuisine and combined it with what our great state has to offer. We aim to support small to medium local companies in representing their individual craft. 

Goat Patch Brewing Co.
Colorado Springs, CO

Goat Patch Brewing Company started like all great ideas, with the critical elements of good friends with a common passion, sitting around a kitchen table. Before a name, location, recipes or brand identity, we all agreed on a shared set of values: balanced brews, community engagement, and adventure.

Northside Social
Colorado Springs, CO

Northside Social is a family friendly, open-air dining concept that features indoor/outdoor games, extensive bar selections and exceptional food - Stay, play and enjoy away! 

Odyssey Gastropub
Colorado Springs, CO

Odyssey Gastropub is the child of Broken Compass LLC, and the team of Tyler Sherman & Jenny Schnakenberg. They brought together many shared years of experience in the hospitality industry to create the unique and welcoming community that has become Odyssey Gastropub.

IV by Brother Luck
Colorado Springs, CO

"The four corners region has been influenced by Western European, Spanish Colonial, Native American and Latin American cuisine. I look forward to to showcasing an offering that differs from typical southwestern food and view the menu at Four as a hybrid of cultural influence." - Chef Brother Luck

The Garden
Colorado Springs, CO
The Bench
Colorado Springs, CO

Upscale Sports bar with 11 TVs, Awesome Food & Drinks, Front & Back Patios, and a "Game Room" for private parties, lunches, or draft parties for up to 20 people. EAT.DRINK.CHEER!

Lincoln Center
Colorado Springs, CO

Connecting the community at-large to the tenants and events at Lincoln Center, the re-developed former Lincoln Elementary School.

Building Three Coffee
Colorado Springs, CO

Building3 wants to extend our passion for specialty coffee. We believe that in order to create a great roast we must use the highest quality beans.  We also believe in careful control over brew technique in order to extract all that each amazing coffee has to offer.

Nightingales Bread
Colorado Springs, CO

Nightingale Bread is a craft bake shop on the north end of downtown Colorado Springs. We make naturally leavened breads and superb pastries with shop-milled, organic, heirloom grains from small farms, and we do some nice pizzas on Saturday afternoons with local and seasonal produce.

Gunther Toody's
Colorado Springs, CO

American food with a 1950’s twist!

Almost 30 years ago, a couple believed that they could bring the “diner philosophy” to Colorado.  These energetic folks knew that a diner had to give every guest four things; quality food, quality service, a welcoming and fun atmosphere and a clean environment.  Thus the “diner philosophy” was put to the test.

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